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Three little bits of happiness today! 

1. Walking with Malcolm and Kathy this afternoon. Between vacations, busy workloads, etc., it’s been a few weeks since all three of us have been able to take our lunchtime walk on the same day. We have similar – though not identical – viewpoints of a lot of things, so we have lots of good conversations. When the three of us walk together, I always think “Not already!” when it’s time to call it quits. (We DO have to work, after all.)

2. My quarterly trash collection bill reflected a credit of $13.96 for some reason. Maybe for those two weeks that the (normally) Friday pickup didn’t come until Sunday? How nice – and I didn’t even have to complain.

3. Hearing part of the Michigan State University fight song on the Mitch Albom show. That ALWAYS brings back extremely fond memories of MSU hockey games. Numerous friends and I had season tickets to MSU hockey for a few years when we were in college and had an absolute blast at the games. (We lived right across the street from the hockey arena even, though that was purely by chance.) The first year, our seats happened to be in the top row right in front of the band, and we just loved it. I can’t hear the MSU fight song without thinking of those days.

I bet I know the words by heart … let’s see if I do … and how many fight songs do you know that include the word “vim”??

On the banks of the Red Cedar
There’s a school that’s known to all
It’s specialty is winning
And the Spartans play good ball!

Spartan teams are never beaten
All through the game they fight!
Fight for the only colors
Green and white!

Go right through for MSU
Watch the points keep growing!
Spartan teams are bound to win
And they’re fighting with a vim!

Rah Rah Rah (pump fist in air with each Rah)

See their team is weakening
We’re going to win this game!
Rah team fight!
Victory for MSU!

Hear the Spartan Dischords (hilarious a capella group) sing the fight song and “Shadows” below.  I saw them perform many times in college and it’s always a treat. (Hmmm … I guess this is happy #4, isn’t it?)

Skip about 60 seconds in to get to the songs.

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