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OK, I’m not saying that McDonald’s is blameless in the issue covered in the article below. However, anyone with a whit of common sense who has EVER been to McDonald’s knows that it can be a chaotic place where orders can get mixed up. Having worked there for several summers in my late teens, I can tell you there’s no way to guarantee that all orders are 100% correct.

That said, if you were extremely allergic to cheese –¬†which McDonald’s puts on almost all their sandwiches¬†– wouldn’t you at least LOOK at that sandwich before eating it to make sure it had no cheese? I don’t eat mayo – can’t stand the stuff – and when I have to ask a restaurant to hold the mayo, the VERY first thing I do when my food arrives is lift the bun to ensure there’s no mayo on it. Every. Single. Time. (I’m sure Tim will vouch for that.)

McDonald’s Didn’t Hold The Cheese, Man Sues For $10 Million – Strange News: The Post Chronicle

Would YOU trust McDonald’s enough to not check that sandwich first?

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August 12 happiness: Rumble strip giggles. As we were driving through a construction zone during the later part of our trip home from Iowa yesterday, Tim had to drive over some rumble strips. Big Brother thought he’d be funny and pretended to “toot” every time he heard the rumble strip noise. We were in a silly mood and started laughing and pretending to toot. We thought Little Sister was dozing (since she’s rear-facing in the car, only BB has a good view of her) when all of a sudden we heard her burst out with a loud giggle. Well, of course, after that Tim had to hit every patch of rumble strips. It was hilarious and put us all in a good mood.

August 13 happiness: Rubbing BB’s back and singing him songs at bedtime. After we did our bedtime reading (that silly Star Wars Visual Dictionary again – isn’t it due back to the library soon? No? And they’ll let me renew it three times??), we were just chatting. He said “Mom, will you rub my back and sing to me? Can you still do that good?” I told him of course I did and of course I would. And so I did. It was sweet.

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