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No, not my bedtime, Big Brother’s. He basically went to bed at 6:15. He got in trouble and was sent to his room – he sulked and said he didn’t want to eat dinner and wanted to stay in his room. When I went back to tell him dinner was ready, he was asleep. I told him to come eat and he said he wanted to stay asleep. I made sure he knew he wasn’t in trouble and we weren’t MAKING him go to bed. He said he knew, and rolled back over. Frankly, I think he’s still catching up on sleep from the weekend. (He was awake until after 10 Sunday night – we thought for sure he’d fall asleep in the car, at least once it got dark out, but he was determined to stay awake until we got home. And he did.)

So while I feel a little bad that he was pouting when he went to sleep, it was nice when both kids were asleep by 7:15!!!

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