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Brooke Bates’s parents got her liposuction and a tummy tuck at age 12. And then when she gained back 20 of the 40 lbs she had lost after the liposuction, they took her to MEXICO to get a stomach band. Against their doctor’s advice.

She said that after the first two surgeries, she “went from the big, fat girl to the popular girl … Then I gained weight back and it was depressing … But now that I had the lap band done, everything is just working out great.”

This is wrong on so many levels. Being popular is the wrong reason to do this. A 12-year-old can’t fully appreciate the physical risks of such surgeries. Gastric lap band reduces the size of your stomach, requiring you to seriously change your eating habits – which this girl obviously couldn’t do successfully, or she wouldn’t have quickly gained back half of the weight she originally lost. (Have they tried good ol’ Weight Watchers? Cheaper, healthier, and often more effective!) And oh my the cost – $25,000 just for the first two surgeries, and I seriously doubt that their insurance covered it.

I think this shows an incredible lack of judgment on the parents’ part. What do you think?

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August 15: Remembering that I’m a writer. And an editor. I’m a writer and an editor – and I’m a good one!

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