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The article I posted about a couple of days has had me thinking. What would I do if I had fat kids?

Now, I was never really fat as a kid (that pretty much happened after I was grown), and my kids are both skinny, so this isn’t something that I’ve ever had to deal with. However, I see it all the time. And I’m not talking kids who just still have a little baby fat left, I’m talking kids who are seriously overweight – obese, even.

Would I ever consider resorting to surgery for a seriously overweight child? Perhaps, IF all other options (and I mean ALL) had failed, if the child was old enough (at least mid-teens), and if our trusted family doctor recommended it.

But, as a fat grown-up, first I would start by doing these three things – which I just don’t think enough parents of overweight kids are doing.

  • Get the junk food out of the house. No cookies, candy, chips, pop, chewy “fruit” snacks, etc. And that means for everyone in the house. (They are OK for a once-in-a-while small treat, of course.) If you or hubby need your chocolate fix, have it at work or somewhere else. Have lots of fruits and veggies available for snacking, and make sure they’re cut up and ready to eat. Try new healthy foods and recipes.
  • Get the kid moving! Go to the park and let the kid run around for the afternoon. Take an after-dinner walk around the neighborhood when it’s nice out. Get a pool for the kids to splash around in during the summer.
  • Limit screen time (TV/computer/video game) on the weekends and don’t allow it on school nights (we already have this rule, actually, and Big Brother doesn’t mind it a bit.)

Now, before anyone starts flaming me, let me say that I KNOW these things won’t work for every kid. But you know what? It won’t be easy – kids will probably resist – but they WILL work for most kids, if parents would just DO them and stick with them.

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Happiness – August 17

Reading the new Jonathan Kellerman book: I got this from the library last week and finally started it during Little Sister’s nap today. And I get to keep reading it tonight, even though it’s “movie night!” I got the last Star Wars movie from the library and Big Brother is extremely excited about watching it tonight. Knowing how much I wanted to read my book tonight (and knowing that BB will want to watch the movie again before it’s due), he suggested that he watch it with BB tonight and I watch it with him tomorrow night. Works for me!

And, even better, I get to read it while lounging in the best bed in the house. That would be BB’s bed. Our bedroom is an open loft that overlooks the living room, so the TV sounds even louder up there than it does in the living room. So BB’s room will be the only quiet spot for reading. (And why does he have the best bed in the house? Well, don’t ever let the mattress salesman tell you that the mattress you want to buy isn’t really intended for nightly sleeping – “It’s better for a guest room” – or you will end up with a pillow-top mattress for your 2.5 year old. Which doesn’t take standard sheets, either. Ugh.)

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