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A few things today, in no particular order:

Customer service: The lady at Once Upon a Child (consignment shop) punched my “frequent shopper” card, even though I only spend $1. Not only did she punch it even though I hadn’t met the $10-per-punch requirement, but she punched it twice! I hardly ever get a punch, because I usually only spend a few dollars there, but if I keep getting her as my cashier I might fill up the card someday.

Experimentation: Big Brother tried a “tasting” at Sam’s Club that I didn’t think he’d like. (I almost didn’t even point it out to him.) Not only did he like it- it was some kind of chicken/spinach/exotic cheese sausage), he practically begged me to buy a package to take home. We do buy a “tasting” product once in a while, so I bought a package. He ate an entire sasauge for lunch – and then requested it for dinner, too! I stuck the rest in the freezer to enjoy at a later date. (For the record – yes, I tried it, and YES I liked it! Let’s just say I’m not known for trying new things.) Oh, and at bedtime BB gave me a huge hug and kiss and said “Thank you SO MUCH for buying me that sausage!” Crazy kid.

Generosity: My workplace holds a school supplies drive ever summer to benefit a nearby elementary school that has a lot of underpriveledged kids. Kid-related charities are one of my soft spots, and I always donate what I can. The past couple of years, I’ve also offered to shop for anyone else in my department who wants to donate but doesn’t have the time (or bargain-shopping skills) to do so. They just give me the money and I get to spend it when I go to Target for supplies. This year I got an extra $20 – doesn’t sound like much but it goes SO far! Today at Target, $40 bought 60 notebooks, 50 folders, 10 boxes of crayons, 40 gluesticks, 10 boxes of colored pencils, 100 pens. I also bought some additional supplies (crayons and glue sticks) that I’ll keep back for Big Brother’s classroom, since his school also has a lot of disadvantaged kids. And for $.20/box, I bought enough crayons for him to pass out at their holiday party. (Kids often bring cute little pencils or things like that to share.) The school supplies drive makes me feel good, and I love the shopping!

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