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You’ve probably heard of Webkins, the little stuffed animals that come with an activation code that allow you to do all kinds of things on their web site, etc. Big Brother has been begging for one for weeks (nicely). Both his best buddies at child care have two, and they talk about them all the time. However, BB just has SO MANY toys that we told him he’d have to save up his money to buy one. OK, he said, no problem. He planned to sell some of his old toys at the garage sale, and he gets to keep the money from them.

BUT then Tim and I decided to postpone the garage sale. We went in and told BB. His face immediately crumpled and he cried “But then I can’t get money for a Webkins to get one before Maggie and Andrew go back to school!” (They all go to different schools.) We’d already decided that we would take him out and buy one tomorrow, and he could pay us back after the garage sale. His face just absolutely lit up. It was incredible and just warmed my heart.

 (Of course, then he realized he’d be the only one with just ONE Webkins … we told him that since he’d been so good this summer, too such good care of LS in the car during our long Iowa trip [she’s rear-facing, so they can see each other really well in the car] etc. that we would buy him one,  and he would pay us back for the other one after the garage sale. He really, really, really wants a Webkins – and has consistently for a while – so I’m OK with that.)

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I’ve been planning a garage sale this weekend. My idea was to gather up all the sale items last weekend and price them, clean out the garage, etc. For various reasons – not the least of which was that it rained a lot and the garage floor collects water when it rains – I did very little. And then I worked full-time this week, and was out of town two days for my CPST training, and was just plain worn out when I returned.

Which didn’t leave much time to prepare for the garage sale.

 Tonight, I was trying to gather things up and price them, get the tables up from the basement, etc. Tim was putting Little Sister to bed, etc. while I did garage sale stuff. I was clearly overwhelmed, I imagine.

Finally, he said to me “Why don’t you have the garage sale in two weeks instead?” (We don’t want to do it next week because Big Brother and LS will be at Mimi and Grandpa’s – don’t want to waste our free time with a garage sale!)

I told him that was the perfect thing to do and I was glad he suggested it. I think deep down that’s what I wanted to do all along, but didn’t want to admit it to myself, or to Tim. What a wise man he is.

So tomorrow, I’m going to make a GOOD list of everything I need to do to be totally prepared for the garage sale, and Tim and I will work on some this weekend and some next weekend. Then we’ll have the garage sale in two weeks (well, I’ll have it – Tim wants nothing to do with the actual garage sale) or, if it rains, the weekend after that.

Thanks Tim!

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