Archive for August 25th, 2007

Today’s happy: An afternoon nap! I’m always saying something like “Boy, I sure could use a nap!” (I could always use a nap.) Tim says go take one, I say I have too much to do, etc.

Today, when he said, “Well, go take one!” – I did! I slept from 4-5 and OH it was glorious. I could have slept hours longer, but I figured the kids had to have dinner. Darn responsibilities.

Happy # 2: Seeing Big Brother with his Webkins. Yes, they’re kind of expensive (though we bought 3 for $18 less than I thought it would be) and they’re a total marketing gimmick, but he absolutely LOVES them. He spent most of the afternoon playing on Webkins.com, where they have tons of age-appropriate games, and then started building a Webkins city in his bedroom. I think we’ll get out money’s worth out of these toys. (And … sadly … it turns out that Webkins.com is addictive for adults, too!!)

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