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If you read Btwinny’s blog, you may remember that she accidentally dressed Little Sister in pajamas for the day a few weeks ago.

And if you read my post from earlier today, you know that the kids are staying with my parents for a few days. Mimi (Mom) sent me an e-mail a short while ago saying that I’d only sent LS with one pair of pajamas. I replied that I’d actually sent several pairs.

Her response?

“Maybe what she wore to the park today – well, maybe they were her jammies.”

Yep, those were her jammies! I guess her pajamas are just too cute to save for bedtime!

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Ahh … silence. The kids are gone!

 Since I had my car seat class Weds and Thurs (and was thus off work), I asked my folks if the kids could come Thursday night and we’d pick them up Friday night. Mimi replied with “Dad says why don’t they stay until Saturday?” Fine by me!

Then, when my parents were over on Sunday, Mimi says “Why don’t you let the kids stay until Sunday, if Little Sister is good?” (This is her first overnight visit with them.)

“Sure!” I said. (While thinking “How ’bout Monday?!)

So … here we are, on our 13th (!!) anniversary, with no kids in the house. We’re going out tomorrow night (didn’t feel like it today after working) and tonight it’s so nice to have a quiet, calm house with no toys or sippy cups strewn about.

I think … I think I’m even going to sleep in tomorrow! Like til 9 – or even 10 if I’m feeling especially decadent!

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