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This school work was in Big Brother’s “Friday Folder” today.


(In case you can’t read it, it says “If I were a king I would just read.” And the castle is made out of books.)

(Oh, and he can color MUCH better than this, he just doesn’t always want to be bothered.)

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Here are 13 interesting search terms people recently used to get to my blog.

1. “pictures of buffalo poop”

2. “My Sweet Audrina” (I get searches related to this book a lot!)

3. “Girls lack common sense”

4. “Why red color patches of hair”

5. “hate having kids”

6. “garage big toy”

7. “I like you just because” (I like that one!)

8. “coats and car seat Indiana law” (there isn’t a law in Indiana regarding the use of coats in car seats)

9. “what is the turning point in a book”

10. “free birthday meals in Michigan”

11. “what I want to be when I grow up”

12. “tshirt book Malcolm lane”

13. “we got to picked up the pictures at Walmart”

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Big Brother’s school is having their Scholastic book fair this week. Even though we spent $50 at the bookstore yesterday, I sent him to school with $10 today so that he could do some shopping during library time. He was quite excited about the prospect.World War II

The following represents what it must have been like as the first graders were paying. See if you can pick out which kid is BB.

Kid buys Dora the Explorer book
Kid buys Disney Cars book
Kid buys Spongebob Squarepants poster
Kid buys Eyewitness World War II Dictionary

World War IYep, that’s BB buying the WWII book. And this is after he talked me into letting him get the WWI book last night at the bookstore! Tim wasn’t 100% sure about my decision to let him get the book, but in the interest of encouraging his growing reading habit, we decided that as long as BB maintained the proper attitude (that it is serious and interesting, not “cool”). We also told BB that if he read anything he didn’t understand, he should ask us about it – of course, he probably won’t read the books without us much anyway.

What do you think? Would you have let him get the book?

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My company had a special discount for employees, ending today. Because Big Brother and I enjoy the bookstore so much, I arranged to pick him up directly from school today, with the intention of having a snack in the cafe and then splurging a bit on books. I also had $15 in gift certificates to spend, so our splurge would go even a little bit farther. We always have a great time at the bookstore, and I was really looking forward to it. The plan was to shop and then pick Little Sister up from day care – probably a bit early – when we were done.

But when I picked BB up from school, before we were even out of the parking lot, he begged me to pick LS up and take her with us. Begged me. “Please can we go get her, Mom? Because that’s what I’ve been looking forward to all day, getting LS and seeing her.” I tried to talk him out of it. Reminded him that we would have to keep a very good eye on her, that we might not get to stay as long as usual, etc. He persisted, and I relented.

(This is where you figure out that the title of this post is a lie.) I should have gone with my instincts and picked LS up after the bookstore. She wasn’t bad, exactly, but I spent the whole time following her around, keeping her from grabbing things she shouldn’t, putting back things it was OK for her to look at when she was finished with them, etc. Neither BB nor I got to browse as much as we planned, and I didn’t get to look at either of the things I wanted to look at. She was fussy at the register, and then of course the cashier forgot to apply my “bonus bucks” to the transaction – so she had to void and re-ring the entire thing. (No beef with her for that, it was just bad timing.) I had to dig out my employee badge, credit card, membership card – which are all in different spots, of course – and fill out another discount form, sign something else, all while trying to keep LS happy. Ugh.

We did, however, discover that LS loves the triple hot chocolate in the cafe. I think she would have kept drinking as many cups of it as I would give her!

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Brrrrr! Winter has definitely arrived. It’s been in the high 20s-low 30s the past few days. Today, we had snow/ice/freezing rain. My favorite type of driving conditions – just throw in darkness and rush-hour traffic, and I’m happy as can be!

Ugh. I’m already sick of winter. How about you?

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We had a nice long Thanksgiving break. The kids have been off since Wednesday, so it was a 5-day break for them. We were pretty busy – all-day Thanksgiving gathering at my cousin’s house, all-day excursion to COSI and another cousin’s house, all-day excursion to Impression 5 and my sister’s house. And this afternoon, we put up and decorated our Christmas tree.

I let Big Brother talk me into letting him watch a Christmas movie tonight. By the time it was over, it was 15 minutes past his bedtime. He finagled another 15 minutes out of me, saying he wanted to turn all the lights out and look at the tree. I agreed, and we lounged in front of the tree, admiring the ornaments and pointing out our favorites. (Tim was putting Little Sister to bed at this point.)

“What was the best part about Thanksgiving break?” I asked him. I figured he’d say either Thanksgiving day or COSI.

“Right now!” he said. “The only thing that would be better is if Dad came out and looked at it with us.” (And he did.)

It’s tough to argue with that, isn’t it?

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Tim and I have pretty much decided that two kids is it for us. We love both of our kids dearly, and would surely enjoy a third, but between finances/time/patience/etc. we just don’t feel it’s viable for us. Now, keeping in mind that we are a married couple, both working full-time to support our family, committed to our children’s well-being and education, etc., consider this person.

This person is the ex-husband to an almost-sister-in-law of one of my relatives. He has 7 children, none of whom live with him. I don’t believe that he makes enough money to support the children properly by contributing a reasonable amount per month to help cover their food/shelter/clothing/child care, and he clearly hasn’t given a whole lot of thought to procreation or raising his children. His children are something like this:

Son, 15, with mom #1 (not a wife)
Son, 13, with mom #1
Son, 10, with mom #1
Daughter, 8, with mom #2 /wife #1
Son, 7, with mom #3 (not a wife)
Daughter, 6, with mom #2 /wife #1
Child-to-be with mom #4 (not a wife)

It just makes me mad when I hear about people like that.

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