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As I was Christmas shopping for the kids yesterday, I looked at Barbies. I loved Barbies as a kid, and I’m sure that Little Sister will love them too. In fact, I happened to see her playing with a couple of Barbies at day care last week. (Yes, I know, not the most “girl power/self esteem boosting” toys out there but you know what? It’s just a toy!)

Anyway, I noticed that Barbie looks a little different than she did the last time I bought one as a gift, about five years ago.

Now, I appreciate that her figure is a little more realistic – with a bigger waist and a smaller bustline, she’s shaped more like what a real (really fit) woman might look like.

But her head, and her eyes? They have widened significantly!

She now looks almost like those darn Bratz dolls that I hate. I don’t mind Barbie, but I despise those hootchie Bratz dolls, and LS will NOT have one.

Anyone else find that a favorite toy has changed so much over the years? For the better for for the worse? (And what about those Fisher Price Little People … I can deal with the changes from the peg-style people, but first they introduce the “touch and feel” ones last year – I didn’t buy any but can only imagine how filthy the fabric would get – but now they’re JOINTED?! What?)

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