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In my last post (my “Christmas presents” Thursday Thirteen), I mentioned that my parents gave us a Commodore 64 computer in 1984. We loved the darn thing and fought over whose turn it was to play games on it. We had some fun ones – Summer Olympis, Mission Impossible [which really did seem impossible to us], Lemmings, and others that I can’t recall right now. All copied from other friends who had the C64, of course – I don’t really know of anyone who purchased games back then – so we never had instructions and didn’t always know what we were doing. (I haven’t copied a game from anyone in many years, of course.)

But my most favorite game was one that I think was probably pretty sophisticated for its time. I couldn’t remember the name of it earlier today, but a quick search netted “Below the Root.” (Gotta love Google!) Btwinny and Firsttwin, see if this brings back any memories:

What the heck … here are a couple more.

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