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The question of race has come up in the quest for the Democratic party’s nomination for president.

However, I don’t think it’s as simple as THE race question. I think there are really TWO questions here, the fact of which I haven’t seen anyone address.

The first question is should race matter. Should race matter when you cast your vote for president? (Or for the nomination?) Of course not. Not for me. (Although remember, my vote doesn’t count.) And most individuals say they agree.

The second, perhaps more relevant question, is whether race does matter. In this day and age, does race come into play in presidential politics? Surely it does. I think anyone who says it doesn’t matter is naive. Surely there are people – Democrats – who won’t vote for Barack Obama largely because he is black. (Never mind that he is at least as much white as he is black.) You just can’t tell me that in influential, mostly-white states like New Hampshire and Iowa (where I have numerous relatives and have spent a fair amount of time) race does not – or will not – influence the vote, at least in a small way.

What do you think? (Again, I’m not saying race SHOULD matter, but I’m saying I think it DOES matter for some people.)

(Tim made the point to me that race [and gender] could matter just as much in getting people out to vote, as well.) Should be an interesting year for politics.

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