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I’m really finding myself in the Christmas mood the past couple of days – perhaps it’s because I’m now off work until January 3, or maybe Big Brother’s excitement about the last day of school (they have lots of great things planned for the kids) and Christmas has been contagious. In any case, here are 13 things that I love about the holidays this year (in no particular order).

1. I’m off work until January 2.

2. The kids are going to love their presents this year.

3. Little Sister is really old enough to understand Christmas this year, including the fact that Santa brings presents.

4. Snow! Yes, I hate to drive in it, but it sure does look beautiful from inside the house. I love a white Christmas. (Sadly, it’s supposed to be in the 40s and rainy this weekend, so we might not have a white Christmas after all.)

5. Our “Cousin Party.” Every year on the Saturday after Christmas, we have a party for the cousins on my side of the family. Sometimes there are a lot of us at the party, sometimes only a handful can make it, but we always have a blast.

6. Our Christmas tree. It’s not exactly professionally decorated, and the ornaments are unevenly distributed now (because every time LS takes one off, we put it back on in a higher spot), but the kids enjoyed decorating it, and we often spend time in the evening with the house lights off, just admiring the tree and chatting.

7. Christmas at my aunt and uncle’s house. Since my parents spend the winter in Florida, and Tim’s family is so far away, we’ve spent Christmas day at my aunt and uncle’s house the past few years, along with my cousins and their kids. We get along great with all of them, dinner has been lovely, and we have a fun time. Plus my 22 (?) year old step-cousin can always be counted on to entertain BB, LS and my cousin’s two kids for most of the day … he deserves an extra special presnt for that!

8. Christmas “specials” on TV. At least we used to call them “specials” when we were kids, because they were each only on once per season, if that! BB has really gotten interested in watching them this year, especially the stop-motion animation ones (is that what it’s called?) from the 60s and 70s.

9. Christmas music. I love Christmas songs, and can often be heard singing to them while I’m in the kitchen.

10. Vacation! Did I mention that I’m now off work until January 3?

11. Food. I hate to admit it, but I welcome the excuse to indulge in all the holiday food – cookies and candy, cakes/pies and other desserts, Christmas dinner (especially turkey and mashed potatoes), etc.

12. Presents again! OK, OK, I love getting presents. Even though Tim and I have set a small budget for each other this year (remember the laptop I got in July, which was Mother’s Day/birthday/anniversary/Christmas all rolled int. o one?) but it’s so much fun to wonder, to imagine what I might receive for Christmas. Tim has done very well in the past. And I hope I’ll receive something sweet and handmade (or written) from BB this year, too.

13. VACATION! (Oops, how’d that one sneak in there again?) OK, let’s call this one having extra time to read/scrapbook/sew. (I DO need to make LS a blanket/pillow to take when she starts at her new day care/preschool – where BB went and still goes in the summer – on January 3.)

14, Missed one – my kids’ Christmas pictures! Could they get any cuter than this?!


What are YOU enjoying – or not enjoying – about the holidays this year?

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