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Well, Christmas has come and gone (though we’re still in a holiday mood here, and will be until after New Year’s!). The kids have been busy playing with all their presents. Some are great, some are not (say the parents!). No major duds, though, which may be a first!

Hasbro Nerf Reactor1. A Nerf “Reactor” (i.e. gun) This is a fun toy but also quite obnoxious. It came with four or five balls, and I think we may be down to two, so I’m not too worried about it. However, if the other balls turn up, I suspect this may end up on top of the refrigerator quite often!

2. Fisher Price Little Mommy ballerina doll. Oh, how Little Sister loves her dollies!

3. Barbie doll. LS likes to carry this around, along with the doll’s hairbrush, saying “Barbie hair! Barbie hair!”

4. Sesame Street Old School, Volume 2, 1974-1979. I would much rather have had more of the 1969-1973 years, but this’ll do!

5. Spy gear. BB and his cousin spent the day “spying” on a girl cousin, and on the way home BB mentioned that he would like Santa to bring him some spy stuff. Santa was able to comply, even on such short notice! (And as a result, BB definitely still believes … wasn’t sure he’d make it through the season believing this year!)

5. Webkinz. LS is ambivalent about these still, but BB loves them. (Though somehow I always seem to be the one taking care of their online counterparts!) BB got a gorilla and LS got a black horse.

6. The Star Wars Pop-Up Book. BB has the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland books by the same company and has truly enjoyed them, so it was a no-brainer that Santa would bring him this.

7. Candy. Santa will be on strict orders to put MUCH less candy in the stockings next year! My children had chocolate smeared on their faces since Christmas morning, it seems.

8. Books! Lots and lots of books (well, maybe a dozen total), including part two of a Captain Underpants book. BB finished part one on Monday, and was extremely impressed that Santa brought part two the next day. (I think this also contributed to the whole “still believes” thing.) He actually went into his room to read this book before we finished opening presents!

9. Tights. LS loves to wear her tights, but she has outgrown most of the ones she has. Santa smartly brought her two new pairs.

10. MP3 player. I found this cute little “Sansa Shaker” MP3 player for $9.99 with free shipping, and couldn’t resist getting it for BB. (I had already been thinking about getting it before I saw it at that price.) We’re going to load it up with some songs tomorrow.

11. Movies. Transformers, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Shrek the Third, and Cinderella. We don’t buy a ton of DVDs, but BB is quite the repeat watcher, so if I know he’ll like something (or if he’s already seen it and liked it, like Transformers) I don’t mind getting it.

12. Toy pots and pans. We recently moved the toy kitchen from BB’s room, where it has always lived, to the dining room. LS plays with it multiple times a day now, and it seemed like she should have some realistic looking metal pots and pans.

13. Hooded sweatshirt. Which BB proclaimed “the dumbest gift ever!” But he was happy to wear it later in the day – he likes wearing hoodies and his others are really starting to get too small.

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