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Losing Teeth

Big Brother lost another tooth last night.

That makes 8 – I think. (I admit that I haven’t keep track very well.) That seems like a lot to me, considering he’s not quite 7 years old. Not all of the adult teeth have grown in yet. One of his top teeth (next to his middle two) fell out a couple of months ago and we haven’t seen any sign of the new tooth yet. And quite frankly, I do NOT know where the new tooth will squeeze in. There is barely any room there. The four adult teeth on the bottom – five, when this newly lost tooth is replaced – are already pretty crooked.

I see braces in this boy’s future.

(Oh, and BB conveniently pulled that tooth out last night at 10:30 – he was lucky that the tooth fairy was able to scrounge up a dollar bill before morning! Perhaps the tooth fairy needs to have an emergency stash of 2 $1 bills just in case. No big deal though – I was with him when he found the money this morning; he said “The tooth fairy only left me a dollar this time! … Oh well, it’s still money!)

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