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The Christmas that I was pregnant with Big Brother, Tim gave me some baby items for a gift. One of those items was a nice, soft knit blue blanket. BB seemed to like it well enough as an infant, but he really latched on to it when he was about 2.5. Blue Blankie became “lovey” #1, and has maintained that position through the years, becoming rather well-worn over time.


When I was pregnant with Little Sister, Tim and I enlisted BB’s help in picking out a special blanket for her. We found one that is very similar to Blue Blankie – nearly the same size, similar feel, etc.

Just like BB, LS hasn’t been particularly attached to this blanket yet, but now at 2.5 she is starting to really like it. When she and I went to the closet to pick out a clean blanket yesterday, she saw it and exclaimed “My Blue Blankie! There’s my Blue Blankie!” She called it the same thing again today.

The really funny thing about it? This is Little Sister’s Blue Blankie:

LSblueblankie.jpg picture by taruff

(Yes, she does know that it’s pink.)

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