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Apparently not.

When we take the kids out to eat, they never eat much. Seriously. They could split a kiddie meal and have food left over.

This happens every time. And every time, Tim and I vow that we will NOT pay $4.99 apiece for two kiddie meals again. They can split one, or even mooch off of our plates. $5 saved is $5!

Well, today we went to lunch at Big Boy, our first sit-down meal out in a long time (we rarely eat out – I’m too cheap). I don’t know what we were thinking – we chose a grilled cheese meal for Little Sister, and Big Brother chose the same thing for himself. When the meals arrived, we confiscated 2/3 of the fries (otherwise they’ll eat ONLY fries), and the kids grabbed their pickles and started eating.

 Guess what?

They could have split the darn meal. BB ate all his sandwich and the fries we left him. LS ate two bites of sandwich and all the fries we left her. Both drank about half of their Sprite.

Next time, they’re sharing a meal. I swear.

Anybody else have this problem? What do you do – just order them each a meal and let them eat what they want? Or do you try not to waste money, and order less?

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