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When I pulled into the garage today after Little Sister and I picked Big Brother up from school, BB was being grumpy about something (probably wanted more screen time than I allowed). I decided we were NOT going in the house like that, so I said “Let’s just go for a drive” and pulled back out of the garage.

I just started driving and asked BB a few times “right, left or straight here?” After a bit, we drove past a nearby park that the kids like. BB immediately said “The park! Let’s go play!” I told him no, it would be too muddy (it is SO muddy here!) but that we’d go when it dried up a bit.

About a half mile down the road, we passed a playground we’d never noticed before. Right after we passed it, I did a quick turnaround in a parking lot and went back to the park.

BB: What are we doing?
Me: Going to the park!
BB: I thought it was too muddy? What about my school shoes?
Me: Who cares! We can clean them, right?
BB and LS: Woohoo!

The playground was great. It had a toddler climber with three slides, a huge “big kid” climber with two big slides, a rock climbing wall, and some other great areas, plus swings. And because the ground cover was woodchips, it wasn’t too muddy.*

The kids had a blast, and we stayed for about an hour. Everyone was in a great mood when we left. It was just what we needed – some fresh air!

*Now, the grass to and from the play area was another story. I think I may have ruined my main shoes – I must have sunk into the mud at least 1.5″. Oh well, I’m due for a new pair soon anyway.

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