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I like to read books that make me cry. I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult yesterday and today, and cried throughout. The parts that got me the most were when their 2-year-old daughter (same age as Little Sister) was diagnosed with leukemia and, of course, the surprise ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it – I love a good cry when nothing has actually happened to me. (And, fortunately, I’m able to keep myself from drifting too far down the road of “What if my kids … “)

On the other hand, I remember talking to my aunt when she was supposed to be reading Deep End of the Ocean for a book club, and she told me she simply stopped reading it. (That was another “good cry” book for me.)

What about you? Do you like a book that gives you a good cry? Or does it take you down the “what if” path? (And if it does, do you read it anyway?)

What are some other “good cry” books?

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