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I can remember my dad doing our taxes when I was a kid. He’d spend hours – several evenings, if I remember correctly – at his big rolltop desk, with its old-fashioned lamp, papers spread out in front of him. We were instructed to be quiet and leave Dad alone. I’m sure there was some swearing involved, and no wonder – poor Dad had all the things that complicate taxes returns – a mortgage, 4 kids, etc.

I’m lucky. Even though we have some of those same things – a mortgage (and home equity loan), 2 kids, child care expenses, etc – I’ve never had too hard of a time doing my taxes. (This isn’t counting the inevitable missing paperwork, of course.) I was able to file a 1040EZ (and it IS!) for many years, then Tim and I manually filed the simplest form for marrieds (the 1040EZ? I can’t remember). In 2001, everything changed with the purchase of our house and the birth of Big Brother. Fortunately, that was also the same year that I discovered TurboTax.

As it is, it took me about 3 hours to do our taxes yesterday and another 45 minutes tonight to enter in the info I didn’t have yesterday. I can’t imagine doing it manually. No wonder Dad was cross at tax time!

Does anyone still do their taxes manually? Anyone with taxes more complicated than a 1040EZ, that is?

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