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Happy Spring!

Here is it, the third day of spring. The sun is shining, the sky is blue. We took the kids out to play in the backyard this afternoon and had a blast.

Something seemed off, though.

Not quite right …


 Oh yeah, it was the SIX INCHES OF SNOW that we got last night!

Backyard.jpg picture by taruff

Little Sister seemed to like it!
LSonBench.jpg picture by taruff

Hey, let’s get Dad!
BBLSSnow.jpg picture by taruff

Standing in front of the deck door while taking his snow clothes off. He didn’t want to smile for me, but I managed to sneak this quick picture.
BBSmile.jpg picture by taruff

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I’ve never had to address the issue of comments before. However, due to a flurry of very personal attacks from one specific person earlier this week – aimed at me as well as other regular commenters – I feel I need to speak about it now.

I’ve mentioned before that I welcome comments, even those expressing differing viewpoints. That hasn’t changed. However, I now have a set of rules for comments.

Rule #1: Be respectful.

Oh, that’s it. Just one rule. Break it and I might delete your comment.

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