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Tim and I met Book Boy’s teacher for conferences this afternoon. She went over his report card with us (it was excellent, as usual) and said he is “definitely ready for second grade, if not third.” He’s doing especially well in reading and math. Then she talked some more about how he’s doing in class, etc.

She told us that he recently told the other kids that the reason he’s “so smart in school” is because he’s not allowed to watch TV or play video games during the week. And then he told the other kids that they should do that do so they could do their best in school too.

His delivery may need a little work (yes, we’re working on modesty with him) but I think the kid may be on to something here! (Edited to add: BB clarified to Tim that he actually said that to the teacher, not to the other kids. Whew.)

And while I’m “editing to add,” what does it mean when a teacher says a kid is “definitely ready for second grade, if not third”? Was she trying to tempt us into asking about having BB skip second grade? She said it twice, obviously intentionally, but didn’t elaborate. Tim and I are in agreement that he should be just fine in second grade, so we didn’t pursue it. BB is definitely at the maturity level of his grade/age, plus growing up I knew several kids who had skipped a grade, and it didn’t always work out that well for them socially …  I’m not going to ask her about it (“tell me again how smart my kid is, please!”) but still, I wonder just what she meant. 

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