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I Don’t Dare Watch

You may have figured out by now that I’m not a big sports fan. However, I do like to follow the Michigan State teams when tournament time rolls around. The Spartan basketball team has made it to the NCAA “Sweet Sixteen” and is playing #1 seed Memphis tonight.

I’d really like to watch the game.

But I can’t.

You see, every time I watch the Spartans – every time – they lose. They can be up by 10 pts with a minute left when I turn the game on – and they’ll lose. It doesn’t matter. (Btwinny has the same affliction.) Doesn’t matter whether it’s football or basketball.

They lose.

So I’ll check the final score on the internet before I go to bed tonight. But I’m not even turning ON the television!

Anybody else following the NCAA tournament? How is “your” team doing?

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