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If you read this blog somewhat regularly, you know that my family has a lot of books. A LOT of books.

Too many books, in fact. WAY too many books.

Book Boy recently decided to pass our collection of Cat in the Hat series books to Little Sister, thus clearing an entire shelf for his chapter books. He also weeded out his picture books. This meant that I had to try to find room for all of these books in LS’s fairly small bookcase – which, of course, was already overflowing.

I figured I’d have to move some of the lesser-read books down to the basement. Then I read in BB’s April school newsletter that they’re having a book drive! They’re requesting new or like-new books. Well, guess what, we have a lot of like-new books that have rarely, if ever, been read. As I was sorting through Little Sister’s bookcase as well as the piles of books that BB had weeded out, I came up with a large stack of books that I don’t think we’ve ever read to either kid. And, since most of them were freebies from work, I don’t feel bad about donating them. (Whereas if I had actually paid for them, I would be a little more reluctant to part with them.)

So BB will get to donate a lot of books to school, and I’ll be able to fit some more books on the shelves. Works out great for everyone!

Here are their bookcases before the big switcheroo. (Keep in mind that this is only about half of their books, if that.)

Book Boy’s bookcase

LSbookshelf.jpg picture by taruff
Little Sister’s bookcase.

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