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Mine do.

My husband, my parents, and my siblings read my blog and comment regularly. Some of my in-laws reportedly read too, although none have ever commented. A friend from work and an old friend from college read too.

Some of the bloggers that I read keep their blog a secret. Either on purpose, as a place where they can vent about family members or life in general. Some keep their blog a secret just because they never mentioned when it started. Others have spouses who know about the blog but have no interest in reading it.

Why do all those people know about (and read) my blog? Well, Tim knows because I blog in the living room every night. There’s no way I could keep that a secret, especially before we had the laptop, since our desktop computer faces out into the living room. And with regard to my parents and siblings, well, I like to talk and I can’t imagine never mentioning my blog to them. Mostly, I would never write anything bad about one of them (because then I KNOW they would find it), so I figure they might as well know about it and participate in this little community.

So, DO your friends and family know you blog? Do they read? Why or why not?

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