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Last week, we had an all staff meeting at work. One of our most senior staff members talked about an employee survey that was done last year (long before I started). Apparently compensation was one of the big issues that came out of the survey.

So, they hired someone outside our area to evaluate compensation and compare wages to those of employees in similar positions throughout the university and the local market. The outside team found that most wages were in line (i.e. no more than 10% above or below the average) with the university and the local market.

What really surprised me was what they did with the salaries that were more than 10% ….

below the average. They actually gave those people raises so they would be more in line with the marketplace!* I was shocked – what a wonderful thing to do.

I love my job.

*(And no, they didn’t give anyone a pay cut if they were making more than 10% above the average for their job.)

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