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A Clean Bill of Health

My nephew was born last St. Patrick’s Day with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. He had open heart surgery in late June, when he was just three months old. He seemed to do quite well post-surgery, but we didn’t know for sure until he had his six-months-post-op checkup yesterday.

He got a clean bill of health! The pulmonary valve that the surgeon replaced is functioning well, and the three holes in his heart are sealed. They may need to put a stint in his pulmonary artery when he’s around 3, and will probably need a full valve replacement once he’s done growing (which we’ve always known), but he doesn’t need to go back to the cardiologist for a full year. My brother and his wife are thrilled with the report.

He is such a typical little boy now – he crawls/rolls all over, eats as well as his 6’3″ dad did, is getting close to walking, started saying Mama last week, etc. He’s gonna be a bruiser, too – at not quite 11 months old, he’s 32″ and 27 lbs. (For comparison, Book Baby is 15 months old but only 29″ and 18.2 lbs. He’s in the 95%ile for height and weight, she’s 37%ile for height and 1%ile for weight, skinny little thing.) I can’t wait until they get old enough to really play together.

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