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I Feel Sick

Tim and I kind of news junkies (him moreso than me). Whenever there’s a big, big news story, I read as much as I can about it online, especially if there are pictures available. The earthquake, tsunami, and now potential nuclear disaster stories from Japan have been no exception. It’s a sad, scary tragedy.

Of course, there have been tons of images of the disasters in the news. And – especially today, for some reason – lots of videos. I’ve watched a few of them. This one in particular, of the tsunami sweeping through a town, has been making the rounds of Facebook, Twitter, etc. The videos are scary, terrifying even, but fascinating nonetheless.

Except … The tsunami hit in the middle of the afternoon, shortly after the earthquake occurred. People didn’t really have much notice or time to get to high ground.

The cars being swept away like Hot Wheels weren’t empty.

The stores that filled with water up to the second story weren’t vacant.

The people who lived in the houses that were splintered by the waves might have been home.

One of the videos cut off right before the water reached a group of people on the ground. They were clearly unsure of which way to run, and ended up staying where they were. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what probably happened in the unseen bit of that video.

I felt like I was watching a snuff film. And I feel sick to my stomach.

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