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Even though I’ve been such a bad blogger since I went back to work, The Gal Herself has deemed this humble blog Irresistibly Sweet. How cool is that! She tells us: “Now, as I understand it, for this award one is to list seven pieces of information not commonly known about themself, and fifteen recommendations.”

I’m going to follow Gal’s lead here and list 15 pieces of information and skip recommending other blogs for now. (But of course I DO recommend reading Gal’s blog – I’ve been following her for years and she’s a great writer.)

1) I love firework shows but hate when people in the neighborhood set them off (illegally, for the most part).

2) I look like death warmed over when I wear black, so I try to avoid it. I do wear black pants/shorts sometimes, but rarely black tops. And I’ve never once worn all black. (OK, I did dress as a witch for Halloween back in 1993.)

3) My favorite color is red, and pink is a close second.

4) My career as a writer/editor has ruined me for reading. I can’t read anything without going over it with a mental red pencil.

5) Everyone in my family eats their grilled cheese with applesauce. Dipped in applesauce. It’s delicious! (I’m told that my grandpa started that tradition.)

6) I’m trying really, really hard to keep up with my blog. I love having a blog, love blogging, and can’t really explain why I’ve fallen off the wagon in the past.

7) My two favorite bands/musicians of all time are Duran Duran and Billy Joel, with the Monkees not far behind. Yes, I’m a child of the 80s.

8 ) Making school lunches is one of my least favorite tasks. If the lunches served at school were healthier, I might let the kids buy every day.

9) I’m terrible at budgeting.

10) For the most part, I’ve had a variation of the same hairstyle since I was three. (Not only will btwinny vouch for that, she’s the person who first pointed it out to me.)

11) I miss singing. Oh, sure, I sing to the radio. But I was in choir all through high school and college, and even spent a couple of years in the MSU Choral Union when Tim and I lived in Lansing. I haven’t done any kind of organized singing since we moved in 1998.

12) I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve fractured my pinky toe a couple of times (It was NOT because I’d been drinking that time in college, I swear! I’m a klutz and bumped into the doorframe all the time even when I hadn’t been drinking.)

13) I’m still close to my cousins on my Dad’s side of the family, and we have an annual Cousin Party at our house the Saturday after Christmas. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. How many people do you know who still regularly hang out with their cousins as they are all in or approaching their 40s? And our kids just have a blast together, too.

14) I’ve had glasses since I was a little over 9 years old. Adam got glasses when he was a little over 9 years old. Guess what I predict for Allie and Jenny?

15) I had a very small wedding. Tim and I got married at the JP, with about 14 people in attendance. My siblings (two sisters and a brother) stood up for us and giggled the whole way through the ceremony. What were they giggling at? My mother, who was blubbering (really) in the front row.

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