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Tim and I have hired a nanny.

No, we can’t really afford a nanny. But we CAN afford one for the summer, sort of – hiring someone to care for the kids at home is less expensive than sending them to child care. And if we did send them to child care, they’d be in three different places – and the thought of that drives me batty. I’m truly looking forward to it – the kids won’t have to get up early and can stay up late because they won’t have to get up early, no morning routine (and the accompanying fussing), home within 20 minutes of getting off work instead of an hour of picking kids up. It’s going to be a nice break for me and Tim. And I love the idea of the kids being together for the summer – they really are crazy about each other.

We hit a few speedbumps in our nanny search (nearly hired someone that we’ve since decided would be all wrong for us – fortunately, they asked for more money and few hours, so we told them nevermind) but we found a college nanny who I think will be just right for us. She’s been to the house twice to get to know the kids, and they are just crazy about her. I sure hope it works out as well as I think it will.

Anyone else have experience with a summer nanny? What DO you do with your kids in the summer when you work?

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