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Cross Your Fingers

Well, tomorrow is our first day with a summer nanny. I’m trying hard not to leave her a long list of rules. (Seriously, we don’t have that many rules in our family, but it is important that she knows things like the big kids’ bedroom must be shut at all times so that Jenny can’t get the Legos, etc.) I’m thinking it will go well, but who knows. I’m also hoping that the kids go easy on her. Adam and Allie adore each other, but they can really fight sometimes, too – they run sooo hot and cold! I just hope they don’t try her patience too much.

(And Gawd I hope that Jenny takes a nap! She’s been a total pill lately at naptime and bedtime, though of course the ladies at her day care tell me that she goes down for naptime perfectly for them.)

I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow evening with a full report.

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