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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

We are geeks. We like things like renaissance festivals. (Just the fact that I can spell renaissance with looking it up probably makes me a geek, though that ability was a long time coming.)

Tim and I have gone to the Michigan Renaissance Festival numerous times, and last year we took the big kids. It was fun, but my is it a chore. Lots of walking, hot sun, (eventually) cranky kids, etc. Not to mention lines, crowded shows, and expensive food and beverages. But we had a blast, and will take them again.

This year, however, btwinny invited us to go to a smaller renaissance “faire” in her town. Not quite as big as the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but two of our favorite acts also appear there, and Adam had a great time when she took him there last year. (He visited her for a couple of days.) So, we left Jenny with Tim and joined btwinny and her son.

As I expected, it was smaller. Fewer shows, fewer vendors, not as many concession stands.

It was perfect!

There were also fewer people (though that might be partly due to the 90+ degree temperatures). The shows were less crowded, I didn’t have to wait in line more than a couple of minutes to buy our lunch (which was cheaper and more generously portioned), we were actually able to sit down in the shade to eat our lunch – in fact, we were able to find shade every time we sat down, including for the four shows we watched. We don’t care much about the number of vendors, because we don’t buy much, so that wasn’t a problem for us (though I missed the shop that sells lots of kid-friendly and inexpensive wooden swords, Tim is apparently just as happy that we weren’t able to buy Adam a new one).

Another benefit to the less crowded shows is that the kids are more likely to get called on to participate. Adam dressed as a pirate last year and got called on twice at the small faire and once at the Michigan festival – and he loved every minutes of it. Yesterday, he got to assist (briefly) his second favorite act, who also called on Allie during a later show. (She was a little too shy, though, and declined. Or should I say completely ignored him. Maybe next year.)

Can’t wait to go again next year!

(I have no idea what they’re whispering about here, but I love this picture.)

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