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Around the time I went to the Duran Duran concert back in October, I watched a few of their videos on YouTube. As anyone familiar with YouTube will know, whenever you watch a clip there is a list of related videos on the right side of the screen. And as anyone who has ever watched a video on YouTube will know, that can lead to a fun meandering through all sorts of fun clips.

Basically, I’ve been catching up on the past 30 years of Duran Duran interviews, features, and other videos. Back in the day (i.e. the 80s), you couldn’t just hop on the internet to find the latest interview with your favorite band. You just hoped you caught it when it was on TV. If you were lucky, you knew about it in advance and were able to watch it and maybe even videotape it for future viewing. But most of it, you just missed. If you were really lucky, you or a friend had the money to buy your favorite band’s concert tape, which you watched over and over until you literally wore it out.

I’ve watched their very first interview, done on the fly when an American film crew literally bumped into the band after an early photo shoot and figured they must be somebody. I’ve found other video clips from the concert I attended. I’ve come across an episode of a silly game show called Pop Quiz, pitting Duran Duran against rivals Spandau Ballet. A Japanese interview with John Taylor where he reluctantly samples Japanese food and explains why he declined the sake. Several multi-part documentaries from various times in their career (particularly good ones from 1984 and 1987).

Heh, just found a multi-part concert video from earlier this year. Must resist watching it tonight!

The moral of the story is … hop on over to YouTube and look up your favorite band or singer! What are you waiting for? (I’m looking at you, Gal – I bet you can find tons of new stuff from your Sir Paul there!)

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