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Who is This Big Kid?

Adam is finishing up Cub Scouts this year, and is preparing to move up to Boy Scouts. Tim and I had kind of figured that he’d lose interest after Cub Scouts. Then we learned of the Boy Scout troop that several of his schoolmates joined last year, a “high-adventure” troop.* It sounded pretty good, so Adam went to a couple of their welcome events.

Yesterday’s outing was skiing. They skied from 9-4. Seven hours! (And the troop paid for all of the fifth-graders, too.) It was hard work, and not always fun, but the boys worked hard and by the end of the day, Adam had moved on from the bunny hill. (There are a dozen boys in the troop who are actual ski instructors, and Adam had his own instructor all day.) He had a terrific time and by the end of the day, committed to joining the troop. I was a little worried that he might change his mind after waking up very, very sore today. But when I mentioned it, he said “Are you crazy?” and said something about “the best day of my life.”

The troop is amazing, and I can’t wait for Adam to join – Tim and I both think it’s going to be very, very good for him. (Heck, I’d say it already has been good for him.)

But I ask again, who IS this big kid?

Heading down the slopes with his two (!) ski instructors.

Discussing how to approach the tow rope. It took him several tries, but he finally got it.

Getting ready to head to the chair lift …

… for the bigger hill. Adam was glad to graduate to this slope.
*I would dearly love to share the troop’s impressive website with you, but that’s just too much information.


















































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