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We’re getting ready to do a bedroom switcheroo soon. Adam and Allie have been in the big bedroom (dubbed the “blue room”) since Jenny was born. We have a three bedroom house, and didn’t want to put Allie in with Jenny while Jenny was still getting up at night. We’re definitely ready for Adam to have his room, and for the girls to share the big room.

But … I’m not so sure that Jenny is ready to move out of her crib after all. Last week, when Adam and Allie were at my parents’ house, she slept on her floor/mattress perfectly. Didn’t get up once until it was time to get up in the morning.

Tonight was the first time she slept out of the crib with both of her siblings home.

First, she came trotting out with her diaper and pajamas in her hand. Of course, we all thought that was hilarious. (And she DID need a dry diaper.)

Then she was back and forth between her room and the big kids’ room numerous times.

At 10:15, Tim found her playing dressup in the closet.

At 10:30, I found her in Adam’s bed, whispering “Adam! Adam! Wake up!”

Right now, at 10:48, she’s on her mattress with the overhead light on. I have no idea whether she’s asleep, but at least she’s in her room and is quiet.

Can’t we just keep her in the crib until she’s, like … 10?

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