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Date Night!

Tim and I had a date night for the first time in …. how old is Jenny? We’ve never been much for babysitters (we’re too cheap), and the last time all three kids were at my folks’ house it was because the basement flooded and I begged my parents to take all three kids so Tim and I could take care of it.

But Adam is at my folks’ house for the week, and my friend Amy asked (not “agreed to,” not “offered” – asked!) if she could have Allie and Jenny tonight. Her son Liam is Allie’s best friend and they’ve missed each other lately, so it was good timing for them.

Tim and I met after work for dinner and a movie. We saw The Dark Knight Rises (on IMAX), and I loved it! I’d forgotten how nice it is to have an evening out with my husband. Perhaps we’ll be taking Amy up on her frequent offers to take the girls.


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