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How Much TV Do You Watch?

TVSome of the comments on my last post made me think about how much TV we watch in my family.

We watch plenty. Not a ton – and the kids only watch on non-schooldays – and what we watch is deliberate. By deliberate, I mean that we never just turn on the TV to see what’s on. When Tim and I turn it on, it’s always to watch something in particular. And except for times when I’ve found a great new show (like now, when I’m overdosing on How I Met Your Mother), it’s not very often. We don’t actually watch anything on “real” TV now – it’s all either streaming, online, or DVDs. So, I watch maybe three hours of TV a week, plus some weeks we have a family movie night on the weekend.

The kids watch a little more – they are allowed “screen time” on the weekends, and that can be either xBox, computer, iPad or TV (i.e. Netflix on one of those devices). Adam is hooked on Monk and Malcolm in the Middle, Allie loves the various Disney Channel shows, and Jenny loves Diego right now. They watch pretty deliberately too. Maybe 6 hours a week, if you include any family movies. Not too bad, I think. (A wonderful side effect of only watching streaming TV or DVDs: no commercials! Ever! I never have to hear “I want ____” because they’ve seen it on TV.)

Just don’t ask me how much time I spend farting around on the internet …

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