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Squeezing It All In

We’re down to the last few weeks of summer – school starts on Sept. 3 for Adam and Allie. As usual, I’m feeling that “we haven’t had all the fun I meant for us to have” crunch that I always feel as the beginning of the school year approaches.

Adam hasn’t been helping the matter any. He’s not happy about our childcare arrangement (the kids have been spending their days with family friends who have three little kids of their own) and has made it known that he’s bored. Of course, his suggested alternative is to stay home by himself – which would no doubt mean video games/TV all day. Not happening. (We do let him have a day to himself once a week, though.)

Anyway, the kids and I all have this week off. I *think* that this should help their “fun quotient” for the summer. 😉

Friday/Saturday: Birthday party sleepover at Adam’s friend’s house

Sunday: Movie (Adam/Tim/my dad) and school clothes shopping (me/Allie/Jenny/my mom)

Monday: Water park with Adam and Allie’s best friends, and Jenny is at my folks’ house for two days.

Wednesday: Zoo

Thursday: Trampoline play place

Friday: Another zoo

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Weekend in my mom’s hometown for the annual “Jubilee Days” celebration

Sunday: Air Force Museum on the way home

I *think* this oughta do the trick … but who knows.

Do you get that same “we haven’t had all the fun I meant for us to have” feeling at the end of summer?

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FB collage 071713dDid you know that Bookmama is now on Facebook? If you’d like to be notified when I post a new blog and also hear additional day-to-day comments and posts that don’t make it to my blog, hop over there and “like” me. (My Bookmama page is not a personal page, so I won’t be able to see your personal information – you’d be “like”-ing me, now “friend”-ing me.)

Come on over and join the conversation! 🙂

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Discovering Someone New

When I worked in bookstores (not the Borders headquarters, but actual bookstores) back in the 90s, I loved discovering new authors. My absolute favorite thing about discovering new authors was when I found someone I loved … who had already written a bunch of other books. There was nothing like binge reading fun authors like James Patterson (back when he only – and actually – only wrote about one character), Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, John Kellerman, Faye Kellerman, etc.

And since our bookstore allowed employees to borrow hardcover books (to help us keep up on the latest without having to buy them – we didn’t get paid much), I didn’t have to wait to get them from the library. I could read them right in a row. Bliss.

TNBT_pblgWhat’s amazing is that now, even after being an adult reader for 20+ years, this still happens. I still manage to find an established author that I haven’t read before. It’s kind of surprising that it still happens, actually.

My latest “discovery” is Jennifer Weiner. I think I read one of her books a couple years ago, and then earlier this year I read Then Came You. But it wasn’t until I read The Next Best Thing last week (in two days, no less – quite a feat when one has three young kids and works full time!) that I realized I love this author! I can’t wait to get to the library and pick up something else by her. (I thought about buying one for my Kindle – instant gratification! – but that’s a habit I really cannot afford. So I’ll either find something in the library or get in virtual line behind numerous others in the library’s electronic book site.)

What’s YOUR favorite “binge reading” experience?

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My friend Gal over at One Gal’s Musings has generously bestowed the Lovely Blog Award upon my humble and oft-neglected blog.

I’ve been following Gal for many blog-years – since 2007, if I recall correctly. She’s a compelling and interesting writer, and covers all kinds of topics. I’d even say she’s my favorite blogger. 🙂 She’s fun in person – my mom, the kids, and I all had brunch with her once when we were in Chicago. What a nice treat!

How this “One Lovely Blog Award” works:

1. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
2. Share seven things about you
3. Pass the award on to seven nominees (sorry, I’m not doing this because I don’t know that I even have seven blog “buddies” these days)
4. Thank the person who nominated you and add a short blurb about them.
5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

Seven things about me
1. I love to swim, or at least play in the water. I’m not a particularly strong swimmer, and I don’t swim laps or anything like that, but nothing pleases me more than an afternoon at the beach or the pool with the kids. My folks live close to a small lake, and their neighborhood has a beach. As teenagers, my sisters and I spent most of every day at the beach. (It didn’t hurt that at least two of the lifeguards were quite crush-worthy.) Nowadays I don’t get much opportunity to swim, but I enjoy it when I do.

2. The only makeup I wear is tinted lip gloss. I do have some blush and lipstick somewhere, and I were them once in a great while (like, every couple of years) but mostly makeup is just not for me. Maybe it’s because I never learned how to apply makeup well when I was a teenager (or at any other age), but mostly I just think it’s a pain.

3. My employer is a Major University in the midwest. My alma mater is the competing Major University in our state. This can make for some uncomfortable situations at work when I hear someone trashing my alma mater. (I tell people I went there when it comes up, but it’s not as though I advertise it.)

4. I’ve written more than 800 blog posts. I’m going to remind my mom of that every time she bugs me about when I’m going to blog again.

5. I’m a writer/editor/content manager by trade (with a dash of photographer and video producer thrown in).

6. Friday Night Lights is just about my all-time favorite TV show. (It’s not really about football, I swear.) And it’s a Netflix streamer, so if you have Netflix, check it out.

7. I have a BA, with a dual major in journalism and American history. (Sounds so not useful, but I’ve actually been working in a related field for more than 10 years.) And I have NO desire to ever return to school for any sort of advanced degree. The odd car seat class here and there, sure, but I’m done with formal education.

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