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My little “project restart” is going pretty darn well. I’ve lost 7.5 lbs. since last Sunday (August 28). Not too shabby, and it’s nice when I can continue to motivate myself. ūüėČ

Let’s take a look at the week (and a half) …

I …

HAVE filled the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, cut/sliced as needed.

HAVE eaten them.

HAVE had at least 8 glasses of water a day (usually more).

HAVE chosen healthy snacks at home and at work.

HAVE eaten a completely healthy lunch at a catered work event.

HAVE just eaten until I was satisfied.

HAVE encouraged my kids to eat well.

And to illustrate that this is also about not doing things – which is just as hard as the things I have to make sure I do – I …

Have NOT eaten a brownie or a cookie at a work event where dessert was served (had fresh fruit instead, and made sure to compliment the organizer for providing the option).

Have NOT overeaten.

Have NOT had a single sip of pop, not even diet.

Have NOT snacked because I was bored.

Have NOT bought a single item of junk food at the grocery store. (And what’s left in the cupboards is mostly not going to be replenished as it gets eaten.)

Have NOT fed my kids (much) junk food.

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Down a pound since Sunday! I know a pound a day isn’t maintainable or healthy, but a little jumpstart like that sure is motivating. Can’t wait to see what my first week looks like!

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Today’s happiness: Day One of “project restart” (so dubbed by Adam) has gone pretty well. I ate only healthy food, had a good amount of fruits and vegetables, and felt good about it. Need to work on drinking enough water and getting exercise, but not a bad first day.

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There’s a YouTube video circulating called Dear 16-year-old Me. Its a melanoma-awareness campaign, but it’s had me thinking. If I could go back to 1986, what would I tell 16-year-old BookMama?

Here are a few things (I decided to limit myself to three):

  • Learn how to make and follow a budget so you don’t go into debt. Yeah, there will be some lean years, but you’ll survive without going to the poor house.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. You have a lot to offer.
  • Don’t get fat.* It’s not easy to stay in shape, especially after you have three kids, but it’s a lot easier to avoid getting fat in the first place than it is to get un-fat.

*If I could give 16-year-old BookMama only one piece of advice, this would be it. Everything else has turned out OK.

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I feel sorry for Oprah.

She’s been successful beyond belief. She is respected and has a popular talk show. She practically rejuvenated the book industry when she started her book club in the 1990s. She has the money and influence to do anything she wants to, including opening two schools for poor children in South Africa. (Imagine what she could do if she got behind the child passenger safety cause … )

So much to be envious of … and yet, right now I feel sorry for her.

Oprah has had problems with her weight, just like many other Americans (including myself). She’s had periods of weight loss success mixed with periods of less success. I know exactly how it feels, and the kind of thoughts that can race through your head in quick succession when you’ve gained weight.

“I hope no one notices ….”

” … How can they not notice? …”

” … Everyone’s looking at me …”

” … Who cares what they think anyway? Screw ’em. I’m just fine … ”

” … Oh God, I’m so fat! … ”

I can’t imagine going through the ups and downs of weight loss with millions of people watching. And having any failures plastered all over the tabloids, all over the internet, replayed on the entertainment shows on TV. “Reporters” scrutinizing every outfit, searching for signs of weight gain. Ignoring the fact that someone truly can be healthy and in shape without being thin.

(And really? I’ve always thought she was beautiful no matter what her weight.)

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You may remember that I posted a few weeks ago about being back “on the wagon” in terms of weight loss efforts. I’m pleased to report that I’m doing well, and I think I’ve lost about 10 lbs since Halloween. It’s a little hard to tell, since our scale isn’t terribly reliable. Surprisingly, the scale thing doesn’t bother me much. I usually enjoy (really) weighing myself every day when I’m trying to lose weight, at least when I’m doing it successfully. But this time, I know I’m losing weight and I guess that’s good enough for me!

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I’ve written before about my weight loss efforts. Lost a good amount of weight with Weight Watchers, then got pregnant with Little Sister and gained it all back, etc. etc. I went back to WW after LS was born, but didn’t really have much success. I just never really got in the groove.

Well, Tim and I are back on the wagon as of Sunday, and I truly feel “in the groove” this time! Wish me luck. And if anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them.

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The article I posted about a couple of days has had me thinking. What would I do if I had fat kids?

Now, I was never really fat as a kid (that pretty much happened after I was grown), and my kids are both skinny, so this isn’t something that I’ve ever had to deal with. However, I see it all the time. And I’m not talking kids who just still have a little baby fat left, I’m talking kids who are seriously overweight – obese, even.

Would I ever consider resorting to surgery for a seriously overweight child? Perhaps, IF all other options (and I mean ALL) had failed, if the child was old enough (at least mid-teens), and if our trusted family doctor recommended it.

But, as a fat grown-up,¬†first I would start by doing these three things¬†– which I just don’t think enough parents of overweight kids are doing.

  • Get the junk food¬†out of¬†the house. No cookies, candy, chips, pop, chewy “fruit” snacks, etc. And that means for everyone in the house. (They are OK for a once-in-a-while small treat, of course.) If you or hubby need your chocolate fix, have it at work or somewhere else. Have lots of fruits and veggies available for snacking, and make sure they’re cut up and ready to eat. Try new healthy foods and recipes.
  • Get the kid moving! Go to the park and let the kid run around for the afternoon. Take an after-dinner walk around the neighborhood when it’s nice out. Get a pool for the kids to splash around in during the summer.
  • Limit screen time (TV/computer/video game) on the weekends and don’t allow it on school nights (we already have this rule, actually, and Big Brother doesn’t mind it a bit.)

Now, before anyone starts flaming me, let me say that I KNOW these things won’t work for every kid. But you know what? It won’t be easy – kids will probably resist – but they WILL work for most kids, if parents would just DO them and stick with them.

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Brooke Bates’s parents got her liposuction and a tummy tuck at age 12. And then when she gained back 20 of the 40 lbs she had lost after the liposuction, they took her to MEXICO to get a stomach band. Against their doctor’s advice.

She said that after the first two surgeries, she “went from the big, fat girl to the popular girl … Then I gained weight back and it was depressing … But now that I had the lap band done, everything is just working out great.”

This is wrong on so many levels. Being popular is the wrong reason to do this. A 12-year-old can’t fully appreciate the physical risks of such surgeries. Gastric lap band reduces the size of your stomach, requiring you to seriously change your eating habits – which this girl obviously couldn’t do successfully, or she wouldn’t have quickly gained back half of the weight she originally lost. (Have they tried good ol’ Weight Watchers? Cheaper, healthier, and often more effective!) And oh my the cost – $25,000 just for the first two surgeries, and I seriously doubt that their insurance covered it.

I think this shows an incredible lack of judgment on the parents’ part. What do you think?

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If you read my blog regularly (I know there are a few of you!) you probably remember that I’m doing Weight Watchers – the Core program, which I love love love. We had our weekly weigh-in today, and I was down 2.6 lbs from last week! I was very pleasantly surprised. That means I’m down 8.8 lbs in six weeks. Not as well as I’ve done in the past, but I’ll certainly take it!

 Anybody else working on losing weight? What have your weight loss experiences been like?

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