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Hmm. Interesting.

Tim and I don’t yell at each other much, and we hardly ever fight. (We bicker some, but we rarely fight.) This evening, we yelled at each other – really yelled – and I slammed the basement door really hard a couple of times. (He was downstairs and we were yelling at each other about whether a particular basket of laundry was clean, why couldn’t he tell that it was clean, why had I left the clean laundry downstairs instead of bringing it up, etc.)

I could tell the kids were surprised because they both got quiet and were really paying attention. After we stopped yelling, Big Brother hollered “Why don’t you just get a divorce!”

Now granted, BB doesn’t really understand what divorce is or what exactly it means for the family involved.  Tim and I both reassured him that we’re NOT going to get divorced, etc. and I think he was satisfied. But it certainly made me stop and see our (occassional) bickering through his eyes.

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Today’s Happy

August 19: Taking Big Brother school shopping. We really didn’t need to buy much – school shoes (dress shoes), tennis shoes, and two uniform tops – but we had fun and he was pleased with the tennis shoes. The school shoes too, I guess, but they weren’t very exiting – plain black Stride Rites that are exactly the same style he had last year, just one size bigger. We had (overpriced) S’barro pizza for lunch, which he loved. It was so funny watching him pick up that HUGE slice, which he refused to let me cut in half, and take a bit off the end. Then he sat back in his chair, put his hands behind his head, and said “This is the life!” I couldn’t disagree with him!

Minor happy: Hearing Little Sister say – unprompted – “Thank you, Mommy” so well when I got her a second glass of milk at dinner. So cute!

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